Friday, September 2, 2011

Hey Mom! Get Dad Involved with Back to School!

This week many families are prepping for, or even diving into the back-to-school grind. NFI recently contributed to Working on advice for mom on getting dads involved this time of year.

If you are a Mom getting back into the swing of things, help ease the transition with these three tips below and then check out the full article!

Back-to-School tips for Mom!

  1. Easing the morning “rush hour”: Shift your day more his way. In the evening after work, dads tend to be able to focus more on family. So, consider shifting some of the morning tasks to the evening, when he’s in “family mode.” Dad can help the kids make school lunches or pack their backpacks before bedtime, which will allow you both to have a less stressful morning.

  2. Homework Help: Tap into his expertise. Taking turns helping the kids with their homework may be “fair” but it might not be what helps you and the kids the most. You’ll both enjoy the helping the kids more if you’re working from your strong points, Dad will be more excited to engage with the kids if he’s confident in what he’s doing, and your kids will get the benefit of both their parents’ strengths.

  3. The Food “Network”: Make cooking a time to connect: Don’t view getting dinner to the table as another chore to check off your evening to-do list. Make it a time for family to “network” and share a fun time once or twice a week.
Read the full article here!

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