Friday, June 17, 2011

My First Father's Day

This post was submitted by NFI's Manager of Outreach, Brittany DeFrehn. Brittany is currently out on maternity leave enjoying her new precious little girl, Adalynn.

Just a month ago my first child was born, a little girl, and thinking about this upcoming Father's Day makes me smile. I realize that in my life, it is the first time I will get to celebrate father's day. You may not be surprised for a first time father to be so excited, but I'm not the father...I'm the mother.

You see, I have never celebrated Father's Day before because my dad was never part of my life. As a child, Father's Day was a day for cookouts and for power tool ads on TV. It was a day for the other kids to make cards for their daddy's at school. What's sad is, I know that I am not alone in this experience. I know that there is an entire generation of children evolving into parents who will only now celebrate Father's Day as fathers or mothers themselves - An entire generation who only now know the meaning of daddy.

I don't know how you will celebrate Father's Day, but I do hope you have a reason to celebrate - every child and adult deserves a loving father. I know I plan to celebrate my daughter's amazing dad, and for the first time, I plan on making a card from a little girl to her daddy.

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  1. I loved this post. I too grew up without a father figure in my life and now as an involved father of a two-year-old boy, father's day has become my favourite celebration of the year. The way I see it, everybody has a birthday and anybody can celebrate Christmas or any other mainstream festivity, but only people who have had the fortune of experiencing fatherhood can celebrate father's day. It's yet another gift from life that you receive when you are blessed with becoming a father. Sylvester Stallone said it best in one of the Rocky movies when he said to his son that having him “was like being born again". It's because through my son's eyes and experiences I get to live and enjoy now things that I couldn't live and enjoy growing up. Father’s day is one of those. Hope everybody had a great Father’s day 2011. And congratulations to NFI on the great work you guys do inspiring fathers everywhere.


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