Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Dad’s Limerick in Praise of the Fanny Pack

There once was a dad named Roland
Whose name sounded a bit like Holland

He often wore a pack
Near his fanny, in fact

And now the fashion world says
That he’s stylin'

Last week, this WSJ article informed us that the much maligned “fanny pack” is all the rage on catwalks from New York to Paris. NFI posted this article on Twitter and the tweets began flying quickly about how no self respecting dad would be found dead or alive in one of these.

Well, as a dad and fan of said pack, I felt compelled to come clean and "represent."

Now, it has been a few years, but when my sons were young and we were traveling, I proudly called the fanny pack my faithful and convenient friend. Granted, our relationship was more about substance than style. It enabled me to always have exactly what I needed for my very active sons at my finger tips, yet still be hands-free.

Let’s face it. The fanny pack has some other impressive and quite manly fans, such as rock climbers and first responder EMTs. It makes sense. As a dad (especially a new one) on many occasions I certainly felt like I was hanging on for dear life. And, good dads are nothing if not first responders to their children’s needs.

So, there you have it. I have laid myself bare--with my fanny pack strategically positioned, of course. And, in the slightly modified famous words of Martin Luther, as he stood before an inquisition, I say: “Here I stand. I can do no other…”


  1. I love it! This is an awesome post! Here's to the much maligned "fanny pack!" It may not be stylish, but it gets the job done! While I've hedged over the last couple years on my feelings for "the pack," mainly because of discussions with my 20-something female colleagues, I must confess that this almost 40-year old has decided to stick with the pack. If it ain't broken, don't fix it! Roland, thanks for inspiring and affirming the manlihood of those who would call the pack "friend!" :)

  2. Not a frequent wearer of a fanny pack, but I use it when the occasion warrants. I especially like it when I go to amusement parks, so I can tuck loose things (like glasses) in to it so they aren't lost.

  3. I'm reminded of the famous retired bullfighter who was spied washing dishes one day by a younger man. The rumor mill churned and soon the whole village was questioning the manhood of the bullfighter. How could such a courageous man be doing women's work, they asked. Finally several young men decided to approach the bullfighter and asked him why he was doing such work. "Its not manly, its women's work, its...its...its not masculine!" they complained. The retired bullfighter smiled peacefully and said: "I am a bullfighter. Everything I do is masculine."

    And so it is with fathers and fanny packs or anything else they chose. If you're a father you've already proven your masculinity and don't need to justify to anyone but your children, so wear the fanny pack and "represent" proudly.

  4. My ex may not have thought it was fashionable, but I find that without a purse, a dad needs a place to carry things. Especially if your kids need an epi pen. And while your at it, you can put all manner of first aid in it if you are out and about. Long live the fanny pack.

  5. I love it when anybody--especially a man--decides not to relinquish his power to the almighty "they" who sit in judgment on anything that violates their "should" list. More power to the "fanny pack". It's functional, family friendly, and frankly, just fine!


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