Friday, September 17, 2010

My Girlfriend's Father--What a Man...

I found the below passage in a book that I was reading recently:

I'll never forget the night during my sophomore year, when my college girlfriend closed her eyes, wiggled out of her panties, and prepared to abandon her virginity. I was 20 at the time: she was barely 18. Her father had just dropped us off at the hotel, knowing full well what was about to transpire...The night before the big event he sat me down in their den. I prepared myself for an angry tirade. Instead, he spoke with the voice of a pensive diplomat. 'I'm glad she chose you,' he said...Although Karen's mother and father blessed our union, Mother Nature didn't. The next day, the Midwest was hit with an unusually ferocious snowstorm... [But] later that afternoon, her father came downstairs, holding his blue wool cap in one hand and a set of expensive gleaming car keys in the other. Prepared to trust me with his only daughter, but not with his brand-new Volvo, he shook the very foundation of parental propriety by offering to drive us to the hotel.
-"My Girlfriend's Father--What a Man!" by Eric Tisdale, Glamour Magazine



  1. Wow! I hope that when the time comes and it will,that I will be understanding enough as this parent has shown. It is going to happen so let it be known that, I know it, you know it and so will almost every one else will know it. I would rather be a part of the solution up front as opposed to the consequences in the future.

  2. hmmmm, I'm not so sure how much I agree with the author's enthusiasm about his girlriend's father-in-law. To me, being a father means being protective of your family. While I don't believe sexuality should be upbraided, I certainly don't believe that a father should flaunt it like this father did. His calm and collectedness was admirable, his judgment wasn't. For me and my family I'm going to promote marriage first.


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