Friday, July 9, 2010

Despicable Me: From Super Bad to Super Dad

It is no secret that movies, TV shows and media today often take a swing at fatherhood. Our President, Roland Warren, posted about this issue around Father’s Day when he struggled to find a Father’s Day card that did something other than portray Dad as ignorant or detached. The release of "Despicable Me" however, brings attention to a both humorous and heartwarming side of fatherhood: transformation.

The ultimate super villain, Gru (voice by Steve Carrell), adopts three orphans and, throughout the movie, transforms from super villain to super dad. Though his intentions for adopting the three girls is undoubtedly despicable, the consequences are both emotional and edifying as Gru slowly transforms from “Super Bad to Super Dad."

A recent article in USA Today discussed NFI’s InsideOut Dad program and the positive, transformative effect of reconnecting incarcerated fathers with their children. Children statistically benefit by having a relationship with their father, but as every father, parent and child knows, fathers benefit as well.

We at NFI will be cheering for more movies like "Despicable Me" and pushing for a greater focus on these heartwarming and realistic effects of fatherhood in media portrayals of fatherhood. Check out the movie trailer:


  1. I am boycotting this movie. I do not want villians/criminals adopting children.

  2. I saw this movie with my daughter, Sunday night. It was EXCELLENT and almost brought me to tears. Heartwarming, funny, and recommended...especially in 3D!

  3. "The ultimate super villain, Gru (voice by Steve Carrell), adopts three orphans "

    I'm sorry you are cheering for this movie why? Yet again the premise at the onset is the man is a schmuck, who then "changes" to be a good person and lovable, acceptable, etc.

    I'm not cheering for another "Dad who's Redeemed" story... same ole, same ole

  4. For the anonymous poster who posted at 10:48 - For dramatic effect, it is much more compelling to see a character go through a transformation over the course of a movie. And what better way to promote fatherhood than to show that it can turn a guy from a criminal into a caring daddy?

    (By the way, it is much easier for us to respond to you and answer your questions if you provide your name rather than post anonymously).

  5. I've never posted a comment online, but when I found this site, I felt the need to add my two cents on this wonderful movie. First, my daughter (and every other kid in the movie theatre) absolutely loved Despicable Me. My daughter is 4 and after we watched this movie, she asked me why the three little girls didn't have a daddy and what's an orphan. It was a tough question to answer, and she then added how happy she was that they all found themselves a great, loving daddy. She also said that Gru was so nice to read his new daughters a bedtime stories and kiss his girls goodnight and that she's so happy he's a nice daddy. When I gave my explaination of orphans, she then asked me if we could go and get one and give another kid the love she needs. That's exactly what this movie teaches children. And when I read comments from parents that want their children to only view "the perfect father" in a perfect marrage, in a perfect world, in what they would call a "perfect movie" is simply wrong and rediculous. That concept has been been proven by teachers of education for many, many years now. Parents who are educated, believe in the growth of their children and learning tough concepts in a loving way will always benefit your children in many, many ways. The parents who don't want their kids seeing this movie need a course on child development and education, and need to lighten up to the humor that every child absolutely loved in this movie. In fact, this movie will be loved by many children and will be shown in many schools in the years to come.

  6. I guess my last post didn't make the list. It's a wonderful movie and I can't wait to take my 4 year old daughter to see it again!


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