Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memento Book Winners...and Another Contest!

Enter our Fathers' Day Contest and You Could Win and iPad

Yes, that's right. You could win an iPad. (Hey, we really like Father's Day. And contests.)

We've partnered with Fibers.com for a Father's Day t-shirt contest. Submit your design and get all your friends, family members, uncles, cousins twice removed, etc., to vote. If your design wins, you'll get a free iPad. Plus, there are plenty of other cool prizes.

And, proceeds from the winning tee will help support our programs and initiatives!

To submit a design and/or vote, visit http://www.fibers.com/contests/fathers-day-2010.

And, the winners of a free copy of Memento are (drum roll, please):

Aaron Anderson (The Princess Bride)
Dave@davestoneinc.com (Braveheart)
Tom Wolf (Mrs. Doubtfire)
Kirk (12 Angry Men)
Johnny Bravo (Pursuit of Happyness).

Email Vince by this Friday, June 4, at vdicaro@fatherhood.org to claim your prize. And thanks for answering the question...you guys have great taste in movies!

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  1. My kids have been asking pointed questions about the oil leaking in the Gulf of Mexico recently including the simple (yet very complex) question of "Why were they trying to get the oil in the first place?". I'd be interested in hearing what other dads have been saying ot their kids about competing needs in our lives - clean environment but energy to get things done, etc.


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