Monday, June 14, 2010

Fun Father's Day T-shirts...Great Gift Idea!

Congrats to the winners of our t-shirt contest! Check out the winning designs:

Dad to the Bone

Definition of a Dad

Proud to be a Dad

$5 from your purchase of any of these shirts will go toward NFI's essential work of connecting fathers and families - so pick up one of these t-shirts for your dad's Father's Day gift! Check it out at


  1. Wonderful t-shirts priced really reasonably. Keep it up.

  2. I really like two out of the three - not real taken by the winner. Just being honest... Too "dark" - I get the humor and the play on AC DC - a band I wouldn't let my kids listen to... Thanks, Dave

  3. My Bad!! I'm wrong on my critique!! I have to say I thought about it more and I beleive it is George T' and the Destroyers (??) who wrote/sang the song - a HUGE difference... Sorry!! I still like the others a bit better, but would like to withdraw the reference to AC DC, I was totally off on that! Thanks, Dave


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