Friday, January 29, 2010

Reflections on a great dad-daughter relationship

Our coworker KM graciously agreed to write a few thoughts on the legacy of her father's wonderful are her thoughts:

"If you look up daddy’s little girl in the dictionary, a picture of me and my dad should appear beside it. My dad didn’t grow up with any sisters, and with two boys before I came along, I’m sure it would have been easy to leave things up to my mom. But my dad has shown me from a very young age that I am important to him and that I am beautiful.

Other than my husband, I’ve been out on more dates with my dad than anyone else. Because of him there has never been a Valentines day where I was without a valentine. He coupled these sweet things with teaching me practical things – like working on cars, and fixing things around the house. He showed me many of the qualities I needed to look for in the man I would marry, while teaching me to be a strong, independent woman on my own."

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