Friday, December 11, 2009

Coach & T.J.

Today's Washington Post ran a fabulous story about Broad Run football player T.J. Peeler. The only consistent part of his pre-HS years was the chronic instability of his family's living situation and his constantly changing educational situation.

Enter basketball coach John Costello and family who, over three years ago, volunteered to let T.J. live with them because he decided what he really wanted was some stability in his school situation. T.J. became a true part of the family, and for a kid who has never met his biological father - Coach Costello became living breathing evidence of what a father should be. The final lines of the story were perhaps most compelling:

"I just see Coach Cos and he has a steady job and a family, a family that loves him, and they have a lot of chemistry, they always talk," Peeler said. "I just want a family and kids, that's it. I just want to be a man and take care of my kids. Because I love being around kids and I just think it'd be great to have my own home to come to and have my kids and tell them to do their homework."

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