Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dads in the Delivery Room

NFI's Associate VP of National Programming, Ken Gosnell, just appeared on the Dr. Nancy show on MSNBC to debate the question: should dads be banned from the delivery room when their children are being born? Apparently a doctor in London has published a paper that says fathers (even male doctors) should be banned from the delivery room because it is better for mom.

Watch the segment here:

NFI's position on this is clear and research-based: when dads are involved in the pregnancy and birth, they are more likely to stay involved in their children's lives. So, no, dads should not be banned from the delivery room.

What do you think?


  1. It was the most incredible experience I have ever had to watch my son take his first breath. To see him on his first day in the world created an incredible bond for me. I do think fathers must be prepared for what the experience might entail. I'll be the first to say for the squeamish it might be too much to take but for the man who is prepared it is an invaluable experience that should be preserved.

  2. I had the opportunity to be my wife's labor coach during the birth of my daughter. It was an incredible experience to see my wife birth our baby as well as be there for the first minutes and hours of our daughter's life. Banning fathers from the delivery room is taking a sixty year step backwards in progress. (Fathers were banned from the delivery room and waited in the lounge when my grandparents had their children)

  3. I just published a book called Make Room for Daddy (link to Amazon) that traces the men's role from waiting room to birthing room and demonstrates historically how important men are to childbirth. Some men might not want to be there, of course, but most women find their experiences enhanced when accompanied by the one they love. I agree it shouldn't be required, but history teaches strongly that it should be an option and that most couples will want it and the men will be more involved with their children after their participation.


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