Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To Fantasy Football or Not to Fantasy Football

A great proportion of "guydom" (and a good number of women as well) are about to enter into a fast-growing fall ritual - Fantasy Football. A recent article in Time magazine notes that it has become an $800 million industry! Wow.

Just the other day, the guys here at NFI had a debate (argument?) about whether or not it is "safe" for a dad to get involved in a fantasy football league (one that does not require payment, mind you). Our debate was not about the monetary risk, but the "time" risk - if you become obsessed with fantasy football for four months, where does that leave your family?

One group of dads argued that it is something that you can do with your children, allowing you a great opportunity to spend time with your children and even teach them basic math skills (in calculating scores).

The other group of dads said that you will inevitably end up spending a load of time tweaking your team without your children around, or you could also get your children obsessed with fantasy football to the point that they focus on nothing else but your team (rather than homework, chores, moms, etc).

Where do you fall on this debate? Play fantasy football and get the kids involved or don't play fantasy football so you can focus on your family more?


  1. I think that Fantasy Football in moderation -- like anything else -- is fine. If you don't go overboard and join a ton of leagues, then it is manageable. It's definitely no worse than rock star, guitar hero, or the world series of pokerIf you kids are old enough, you can certainly include them and if not, you can plan your FF time when they are sleeping. As a girl involved in FF, I think that it is a fun activity to share with my husband as well. Instead of being a football widow, I have chosen to enjoy one of his interests which I think strengthens our marriage. (Unless we are playing each other, of course ;) )

  2. Healthy perspective Elain. See what a little man-vision can do for a girl? Kidding.

    No debate here...Like anything else, ff can be used in a healthy manner or an unhealthy manner (ie. as a bonding activity or as a distraction). I think the real question here is our we as fathers (and mothers) parenting consciously vs. passively. Our we practive preventitive maintenance when it comes to the emotion welfare of our children. Yes?

  3. I think that fantasy football like many activities can be a good release for a dad but can also be taken to the extreme and take time away from the kids. A Dad can choose to do these kinds of activities during times the kids are at school or after they have gone to bed. What kid would want to feel like they regularly play second fiddle to a non-critical activity?

  4. I have two sons in college. We started a neighborhood fantasy football league years ago and it has been a fun guy bonding experience. It keeps us connected in a fun way while they are away. We even call each other during games. My wife sees it as a bonding guy thing, which it is. That said, don't get carried away with it. I try not to do any fantasy football after 9 because it can keep me away from my wife and daughter.


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