Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kardashian's Baby

Much is being written about Kourtney Kardashian's unplanned pregnancy. The part of the story that is most interesting to us, at least professionally, is that her boyfriend played an important role in her decision to keep the baby.

From her interview with People, it is clear that she had serious discussions with him about her pregnancy, and she indicated that she knew he would want her to keep the baby. The fact that they got back together when they found out she was pregnant seems like a signal of commitment on his part. Many guys would see that as an excuse to stay "broken up," and many women would be indifferent as to whether or not her ex-boyfriend reunited with her, let alone became involved in her decision to keep the baby. The couple is now shopping together and learning about parenting together, both good signs.

It has also just come out that Kardashian's pregnancy is making her miss her own father even more - he died in 2003. She says, "I wish my dad was here, but I know that he is here with us [in spirit], and I feel like this is definitely a blessing from him."

At least on the fatherhood front, it appears that Kardashian has a sense that fathers play an important role in family life, from her desire to have her own father there with her and to have the father of her child involved in the pregnancy and the baby's life.

Much remains to be seen, so we will watch as this story unfolds.

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