Thursday, July 16, 2009

Online Adultery

I just read an item from Time about a "personal site aimed at facilitating extramarital affairs." It is called Among the many ghastly things about this, one of the most interesting statements in the article was this: traffic on the site tripled the day after Father's Day. According to the site's CEO, it is because the day after Father's Day is a day when many men feel "underappreciated."

That is very sad - not a reason to cheat - but sad. Why don't we as a culture appreciate fathers enough? Too many bad ones, our own screwed up priorities, selfishness .... Any ideas?


  1. It's culturally appropriate to mock men and fathers. I recently complained to Lowe's and Kingsford about a commercials showing husbands to be total dopes. It's not that I have no sense of humor - the Pepsi "I'm good" commercial is hilarious!

    The core problem is that women do not understand that men don't simply want to feel respected - it's actually a deep need - as deeply felt by us as the need to feel loved is felt by them!

    When a man is disrespected he is GOING to find a way to have that need met. Tragically, that happens through affairs.

    We need to fix marriage!

  2. I would have never guessed that would be such an influence. It just shows that even though men aren't always as expressive as women, the need is still there!


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