Thursday, May 28, 2009

John and Kate Plus Disaster for Children

I never watched John and Kate Plus Eight and probably never will, but I find this whole situation so terrible for one reason - actually eight reasons - their children. Their parents' ugly marital situation is being exploited in the press, the Discovery Channel seems to be using the discord to drum up ratings for the upcoming season, and all of us mature adults will be able to handle all of this just fine. But what about the kids? How will they see their own value as human beings when they reflect on how their broken/breaking family is nothing more than a source of entertainment for the masses? How involved will their father continue to be if their parents get divorced?

It is all just ugly and very few seem to measure the impact of such things on the children involved, because, again, we, as mature adults, are fully capable of processing these kinds of situations ...


  1. I have watched this show and I think it's just really sad. Obviously both parents have their own issues, but it's really hard to watch a marriage melt down on national television. I know the $ is lucrative, but it seems like it would be too painful for them (Jon and Kate) --not even taking the kids feelings into account. I love to follow celebrity gossip, but in this case, I think the best thing we could hear is that the show has been cancelled.

  2. I agree. I think the show should be cancelled, then maybe their egos won't be so inflated and they can start working on taking care of their marriage and their children.


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